Glamourflage Bella Blaze Lip Balm (Honey Lemon)

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Colour us green with envy when Bella starts strutting her stuff! She‚s high octane, high speed, all of the time. She‚s melt in the mouth ‚¬ one fiery flash of her eyes and they‚ll have to spatula you off the floor. Bella wouldn't know a pause button if it hit her right between her winsome eyes!

Smile and the world smiles with you ‚¬ in fact make that the universe if you have just applied Bella Blaze!! Want a pout that‚s smooth and tasty ‚¬ when smothered in natural goodness such as lanolin, Vitamin E and beeswax ‚¬ that‚s just what you‚ll get!

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